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Legislative District 20
A Beautiful and Diverse District

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We are a diverse group of volunteers who are advocates of democracy and believe in the equality of all people

LD 20 Officers and Committees

Chair: Leslie Stalc

1st Vice Chair: Betty Harris

2nd Vice Chair: Rosemary Bolza

Corresponding Secretary:  vacant

Recording Secretary: Kay Davis

Treasurer: Mari Jensen

Executive Committee Representatives:

      Betts Putnam-Hidalgo, Shanna Leonard


Finance Team, Communications Team, Data Team, Action Team (Nosotr@s)

LD 20 is one of thirty Legislative Districts in Arizona.  The district extends north and west to the Rillito River from the San Xavier Boundary to downtown Tucson, U of A, and neighborhoods to the north and east in an irregular pattern to the Tucson Mountain Park and back to the San Xavier Boundary with a large section west of the Tucson Mountains in Avra Valley.  It is one of the most diverse districts in Arizona and includes historic neighborhoods and barrios as well as the Yaqui Nation.   The numbers indicate individual voting precincts. 


LD 20 is divided into six regions, each with its own leaders and goals.   If you live in one of these regions, contact a regional leader to get involved.


Elda Lopez                                 David Tonsing                               

South Central 

Michelle Flores



CJ Jones            Bob Federoff            Kay Federoff


North Central  

Eb Eberlein


Michael Bryan              Corrine Cooper    M.E. Martinez



Alternative Contact:

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