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Welcome to Democratic Legislative District 20


Mission and Goals

"Our mission is to promote the Democratic Party and its principles, ideals and candidates through fundraising, voter outreach and registration, education, and community service"


Welcome to LD 20.  

Leslie Stalc,

Chair of LD 20


     This election is Arizona's way of telling the parties which presidential candidates they prefer in preparation for the party nominating convention next summer.  States like Iowa choose to caucus, which most other states have elections.  Seven Democratic candidates will be on the Democratic ballot, including Joe Biden.  Nine Republican candidates will be on the Republican ballot. 

    If you are on the early voter list, your ballot will arrive in mid-February.  Vote Centers will also be available.  Only registered voters in each party can vote, so voters who have not declared a party must reregister if they want to vote.


For information see the PIma County Elections Department web site.

LD 20



   LD 20 will have voter registration and petition tables at the following locations.  For details and to volunteer to help, contact Betty


   PCC Downtown Campus – Jan. 29, Feb 15, Feb. 19

   PCC West Campus – Jan. 31, Feb. 28

   Valencia Library – Jan. 27, Feb. 10, Feb. 24

   Woods Library – Jan. 24

   Tumamoc Hill Trailhead – Feb. 17

   Mercado Annex – March 8.

   American Eat Co.  – Jan. 27, Feb. 3, Feb 10, Feb. 17

   Antigone Bookstore – Jan 27, Feb. 3, Feb. 10, Feb 24, March 9, March 16


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Abortion Access Petition Drive

This drive is to put an item on the Nov. 2024 ballot assuring access to abortion and is sponsored by a coalition including Planned Parenthood.   This will be a constitutional amendment and more than 500,000 signatures will be needed.   For  information, contact

You can get petitions from Pima County Democratic Party, Arizona List and other locations.   Contact the LD 20 petition hub for petitions and notary services near you.


You can download a copy of the full text here. 


   Pima County Justice for All/Justicia Para Todos is a 2024 ballot initiative that gives indigent Pima County residents facing detention or deportation access to a public defender (aka “universal representation”). If approved by voters, the initiative would establish the Office of Immigration Representation (to be funded by sliding scale fees and public and private funding), to protect due process and fundamental rights, fight poverty, and safeguard the health, safety, and welfare of our residents. Read the full version of the proposition in English or Spanish.  For notarization of completed petitions, contact Barbara

For petitions and information:

Pima County Justice for All

Text: 520-276-8805


   Petitions for One Fair Wage and Arizona Together and notary services are also available at the Pima County Democratic Party office and from the LD 20 contact.  One Fair Wage established a schedule for increasing the minimum wage statewide and deals with tipping issues.    Arizona Together increases the ability to unionize statewide and eliminates Arizona's Right to Work statute.

Pima County Democratic Party Has Moved

New Office - 2303 E Speedway #102

520 833-0733

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