Welcome to Democratic Legislative District 20


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Mission and Goals

"Our mission is to promote the Democratic Party and its principles, ideals and candidates through fundraising, voter outreach and registration, education, and community service"


Primary Election

August 2

Where to Vote in Pima County

Check out Current Elections to find out where you can vote in person.

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Welcome to LD 20.  

Anakarina Rodriguez,

LD 20 Chair

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LD20 Kick-Off Canvass in South Tucson

Join us to walk (or drive)-and-knock in South Tucson for our inaugural canvass as the newly redistricted Legislative District 20! We will meet at American Eats Co. at 1439 South 4th Avenue at 8:30 for a brief orientation and training opportunity and to meet our new Chair, Anakarina Rodriguez, then spread out for a GOTV canvass until Noon. Please bring your mobile phones, as we will be using MiniVAN to guide you through your canvass. You can download the app and create an account even before you arrive. Veteran canvassers and newbies alike are welcome and appreciated!

Sign up here    https://www.mobilize.us/pimadems/event/475142/



Action at the

Bans Off our Bodies Rally


Honoring Cesar Chavez who fought ceaselessly for human rights.