Welcome to Democratic Legislative District 20


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Mission and Goals

"Our mission is to promote the Democratic Party and its principles, ideals and candidates through fundraising, voter outreach and registration, education, and community service"


Welcome to LD 20.  

Anakarina Rodriguez,

LD 20 Chair

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LD20 Kick-Off Canvass in South Tucson

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20 Volunteers went door to door with a message about the important of voting and collected signatures on the  "Stop Voucher Expansion Referendum." 

Protect Our Public Schools

   Republicans in the Legislature passed a massive expansion of the voucher program (AKA Empowerment Scholarships), making money available to anyone to help send their children to alternatives to public schools.   They also denied necessary funding for our public schools, keeping us at the bottom nationally.

   While giving vouchers to anyone may sound democratic, the people most able to use the extra funds are the wealthy.  Funds are not enough to pay all the tuition for most of us to send our kids to private schools. 

    If we can get enough signatures by September, we can stop this giveaway in its tracks and put the issue on the 2024 ballot.

     Petitions are available at many spots, including Democratic headquarters, 4739 E. First Street, open Monday-Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.   You can also get them from an LD 20 volunteer any day. 

   The 2022 Election is upon us


   The choice between the Republican and Democratic candidates for statewide and congressional offices is crystal clear.  

   If you care about the right to vote, supporting Public Schools, protecting the Right to Choose, our Environment, and our Democracy, it is time to get behind our candidates.   See the Current Elections page for ways to contact and help our candidates.