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Welcome to Democratic Legislative District 20


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Mission and Goals

"Our mission is to promote the Democratic Party and its principles, ideals and candidates through fundraising, voter outreach and registration, education, and community service"


Welcome to LD 20.  

Anakarina Rodriguez,

former LD 20 Chair

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Congratulations to our new Arizona Democratic Statewide Leaders


Attorney General,

Kris Mayes


Katie Hobbs

Secretary of State,

Adrian Fontes

Many, many thanks to everybody who worked hard to help them get elected.  Your canvassing, phoning, postcards, tabling, and talking with neighbors made a big difference.  Kris Mayes won by 244 votes.  Your  work may have brought in those needed votes. 

Congratulations to Paul Eckerstrom who was elected First Vice Chair of the Arizona Democratic Party and Shannah Leonard, elected Female Vice Chair. 


   The Legislature is in session and bills are already being heard.   Your voice is important in preventing bad bills and promoting good ones.  

    You can testify virtually on-line at all committee meetings by participating in Right to Speak.   To learn more and get enrolled in the system, join in a zoom session on Monday nights sponsored by Citizen Engagement Beyond Voting.   This non-profit groups offers frequent updates on current legislation and recommendations on which to oppose or support, most of which are in line with Democratic values.  


Bonnie Andrikopoulos

Chris DeYoung

Michelle Flores

Carlos Maldonado

Mary Ellen Martinez

Summer Miller

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