LD 20 Volunteers Work to Elect Democrats and Promote Issues of Concern


We Join Forces with

Groups with Similar Concerns

We help community groups working to pass ballot propositions and fight for justice. 

In 2020 we worked hard to pass the Red for Ed Initiativea to increase money for public schools.


Current petition drives are:

Pima County Justice For All Initiative.  This ballot proposition (on the ballot in 2022) would would give Pima County residents who are facing detention or deportation access to a public defender.


Stop Dark Money is a statewide initiative (on the ballot in 2022) that would increase transparency in campaign contributions so the voters would have more information about which big-money groups and individuals are donating to candidates and propositions.


Arizona Election and Voting Initiative is a comprehensive attempt to change state Election Law in a variety of ways.  


Predatory Debt Collection Initiative

attempts to protect people with large medical bills from predatory debt collection. 



All these initiatives need your help in collecting enough signatures to get on the November ballot.   Contact the groups for petitions.

Joining a Demonstration to Save Our Schools


Decorating bikes and gathering signatures at Cyclovia

Post card mailing party


Tabling at

Martin Luther King Day

and Labor Day

We Help

Get Out the Vote

At election time we work actively to motivate voters and provide information about candidates and propositions.  In 2020 we sent out postcards to more than 12,000 voters.



Trash pickup on West Ajo Way is a recurring project.   We work with ADOT authorization to collect trash on a specific area and our sign proclaims that we have adopted that stretch of the highway.   Volunteers and ideas are needed. 


We Help Elect

Democratic Candidates

We work with the county and state parties as well as local Democratic party candidates to collect signatures, distribute campaign literature and to phone registered voters in our precincts and more widely.   We help voters  get information about their candidates.

We do not take sides in contested primaries, but do provide information about all candidates and how to contact and help them.

For information about current elections,


Table at Cyclovia

Getting to Know Neighboring Voters

One of the best ways of getting our message out is by meeting our neighbors.  Volunteers have access to lists of voters and use this information to contact people with information about candidates and issues, especially in their own neighborhoods. 

canopy 2.jpg

Helping candidates

collect signatures

We Register Voters and Talk about Issues

Voter Registration is a part of our community outreach efforts at public events as well as at Libraries and college campuses. Some PCs have set up tables in their yards to reach neighbors. In conjunction with this we try to answer questions about any aspect of citizen participation which may come up and to distribute literature about candidates, petitions, referendums, contacting officials, etc. We also print our own informational literature.  As COVID pressures lessen, we will be out frequently.  Volunteers will get training on the basics of voter registration.  

We are always looking for creative ways to bring voter registration materials to the community. If you know of upcoming community events in LD3, PLEASE let us know!


We Have held yard sales and auctions, most recently a Yard and Plant Sale on Oct. 16, 2021 which was a lot of fun and seemed to go pretty well.  See photos below.   These funds are mostly used for Get Out the Vote activities.  We are always looking for creative ways to increase our Get Out the Vote Budget. Got an idea? Let us know

Yard and Plant Sale - October 2021

Volunteers and Ideas Needed!  

We can't win without the help of lots and lots of people.  Please tell us that you will join our efforts.

There are many tasks, depending on the election cycle.  We are looking for people to post on social media, address mailings, help with the annual yard/plant sale, talk with your neighbors, write letters to the editor, and more.