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JULY 30, 2024

Last day to register: July 1

Ballots mailed:  July 3

Last day to request a ballot by mail:  July 19

Last day to mail early ballot: July 24

Election Day: July 30

    All registered voters may vote, but those who have not declared a party must request a ballot for a specific party in order to be eligible.   Postcards will be sent in May to all voters who registered but not with a specific party telling them how to get a party ballot for the primary.  They can also request a party ballot at early voting sites and vote centers.  This does not change their registration, just provides a ballot for the primary.


    Who are the candidates for LD 20 voters?  

Please see full list of candidates and how to contact them here. 


    The following are just the Democratic candidates in contested races:

Pima County Attorney:  Laura Conover vs. Mike Jette

Pima County Sheriff: Chris Nanos vs. Sanford Rosenthal and Trista di Genova

Pima County Treasurer: Brian Johnson vs. Sami Hamed

Board of Supervisors District 3: Jennifer Allen vs. Miguel Cuevas, April Ignacio, and Edgar Soto.   See a map of districts here

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