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LD 20 Tucson City Council.jpg

Ward 1

Lane Santa Cruz

520 791 4040




Ward 3

Kevin Dahl

520 701 4711

Tucson is divided into six wards which are set by the Tucson City Council.  In addition, the Mayor represents the entire city.  Ward elections are staggered every two years.  In primary elections, candidates are selected by ward, but in general elections all city voters may vote for candidates in all wards. 



Regina Romero

Ward 6

Steve Kozachik

520 791 4601

You can influence what happens at the City level by  contacting your council person and by attending council meetings.   Each has a regular email newsletter which you can get by requesting it by email.   Meetings are recorded on YouTube.   Meetings are on alternate Mondays at 5:30 p.m.  at City Hall.  The schedule is on the city web site.

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