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School Districts in LD 20

LD 20  includes parts of four School Districts.   School board members are elected from the districts in staggered terms.  In 2022 each of our districts will elect 2 board members.  

Amphitheater School District Board

Vicky Cox Golder

Deanna Day

Scott Baker

Matthew Kopec

Susan Zibrat

Flowing Wells School District Board

James Love

Kristie Hammar

Kevin Daily

Wendy Effing

Thomas Jacobs

Sunnyside School Board

Eva Carrillo Dong

Consuelo Hernandez

Matthew Taylor

Lisette Nunez

Beki Quintero

Tucson Unified School District Board

Adelita S. Grijalva

Natalie Luna Rose

Leila Counts

Dr. Ravi Grivois-Shah

Sadie Shaw

LD 20 School Districts.jpg
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