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Get inspired by some of our remarkable volunteers.




    Meet Maria Hinojosa, LD 20 Treasurer. We are so fortunate that Maria’s  journey led her to LD 20!  It is a journey that began when PC Andrew Gardner asked her to address postcards and PC Betty Harris asked her to consider becoming a PC. 

   Before serving as Treasurer, Maria raised over $1,500 through on-line auction sales to support political outreach.  Impressed with her organization skills and attention to detail, she was asked to consider the Treasurer position.

    The expertise she shares with LD 20 is a result of decades of experience in accounting in family businesses, Pomona Valley Hospital and California Poly Tech State University and as legal secretary in the Pima County Attorney’s office. 

    As Treasurer, she has steadfastly studied, researched and consulted with others to learn all of the State rules and filed required reports to ensure that LD 20 is in line with legal requirements.  (And those laws are complex.)

    Thanks to Maria for her diligence, time and energy!


maria dinner.jpg


Meet Betty Harris, a woman of dedication and energy.   Betty has not only organized tabling events but participated in all of them.   See the list of September events on the calendar (left).   She and her volunteers have collected hundreds of signatures on initiative and referendum petitions and registered  dozens of voters.  


   This is far from her first venture.   She has been registering voters and promoting the Democratic message for years.   She initiated our Public Service Project – Cleaning up trash along Ajo Way at Kinney Road.   She and her crew have worked through the summer heat, often starting at 6:00 a.m., gathering trash for ADOT to carry away.   A sign along Ajo Way credits the Democrats with keeping the area clean.   

   If that isn’t enough she has also been effective in recruiting new volunteers who turn out to be great conveyers of our message, some of whom will be featured in here in coming weeks.



Betty (center) with some of her trash collecting volunteers.

Maria (front left) with Anakarina Rodriguez and Eva Carrillo Dong at the Udall Dinner.

Sandra Lanham

   Sandy Lanham has done an amazing job mapping LD 20 precincts in terms of how easy or difficult they are to canvass.   She has marked gated areas, areas with houses too far apart or with long driveways, making walking difficult or impossible.   She drove up and down streets throughout the LD noting homes with locked gates and/or front yard dogs, and noted which apartments and mobile home courts are open to canvassers.   Each map explains the characteristics of each precinct and all are available on request.

    Sandy embarked on this effort remembering her first canvass where she was sent to an entire  neighborhood that had a locked gate so her time was wasted.

    Sandy has an unusual background.   She is a licensed pilot and, aided by grants, flew with and for environmental groups and scientists for many years, providing her services only in return for the cost of fuel.   In 2001 she was awarded a Macarthur Fellowship for her efforts.

    She met Betty Harris in 2004 when both were working with the Move On Campaign and has been a steady volunteer for worthy causes ever since.  

t's easy.

Walkability map for LD 20.jpg

The overview of the walkability maps.  For each precinct there is a separate map showing details such as gated communities, fenced yards, accessible mobile home courts, and fully accessible single family neighborhoods.  Blue indicates highly walkable and pink very difficult ones. 

   For access to all the maps, contact Barbara




   Chris De Young has played a major role in  invigorating LD 20’s Get Out the Vote efforts.


   Chris, who is an IT and graphics specialist, was instrumental in the design of these and other written materials as well as the current LD 20 logo.  As an IT expert, Chris is in charge of using the Party’s database, VAN, to target voters and produce a multitude of lists of voters for canvassing and phoning.  

   We all appreciate Chris’ eagerness to help, and expertise and vast amount of energy and efforts to make a difference. 

    See previous Outstanding Volunteers here.  

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